The Christ C162 Varius 1+1 is the team-player of the Christ machines. Two specialized portals, one for washing and on for drying are able to speed up the washing process considerably. On one run several functions can be executed at the same time, so e.g. active foam, brush wash, drying aid and drying can all be done in two runs. The high end dryer with 16 kW does only need one run and shortens the overall duration as well.

One of the big advantages of the Varius 1+1 is its flexibility: With two separate portals even unusual programs are possible at high speeds. Your local Christ partner will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

A visual highlight is the possibility of using a 6000 LED ticker display and LED spots with pictograms at the same time.

The Varius 1+1 is targeted towards operators with high volumes.

Available Technologies

Below are the standard features.

  • Active Foam
  • HP Prewash
  • Foam wax
  • Under-Chassis wash
  • Tire High Pressure
  • Vario Touch
  • Program Display
  • Opti-Contour Dryer
  • Jointed Brush
  • Opti-Air Dryer
  • Protect Shine Express

Varius 1+1 Video